Pirate’s Cove Paradise Interrupted

When I temporarily moved into a marina-facing Pirate’s Cove condo, I found my paradise. During Hurricane Matthew, that paradise was interrupted.

The wind and heavy rain from Matthew started the evening of Saturday, October 8. Windows facing the Pirate’s Cove Marina received the brunt of the wind blowing to the north. That wind sounded like a freight train as it battered windows. The wind also sent a steady flow of rain smashing directly at windows and into the parking garage below the condo building.

Flooding under Pirate's Cove condo building
Parking garage under condo started flooding on Saturday, October 8

After a couple hours, the northerly wind and rain event calmed down and I was able to let out our chocolate lab without the fear of being blown away or being hammered by a flying shingle. While letting Ted out, I took my flashlight and checked out the water level of the marina, which turned out to be fine. The flooding in the parking garage was a result of the gusty northerly rain and not the flooding of the marina. Phew!

Photo Oct 09, 6 58 38 AM.jpg
Sunday morning saw waves crashing over Pirate’s Cove Marina docks

At 5:12 am, on Sunday, October 9, Pirate’s Cove Marina lost power. Obviously, it didn’t come as a surprise. The surprise came at first light when I saw how high the water level was in the marina. As seen above, the water was right up at dock level, and the dock near the Crystal Dawn was being pummeled by wave after wave caused by a south easterly wind.

Photo Oct 09, 8 46 16 AM.jpg
The view on Sunday morning at ground level

Luckily there wasn’t any significant rain tagging along with the very strong winds after sunrise on Sunday. The video below was taken around 7:00 am on Sunday, October 9.

Once there was a slight break in the wind, I decided to venture out and take some pictures of potential storm damage. I found some damage to the docks near the Washington Baum Bridge.

Photo Oct 09, 12 01 25 PM.jpg
Damage to long stretches of docks on the sound occurred during the storm

Some of the parking lots around Pirate’s Cove were flooded, but really weren’t that bad considering the amount of rain we received during Hurricane Matthew.

Photo Oct 09, 8 40 43 AM.jpg
Flooded parking lots receded by the end of Sunday, October 9

Photo Oct 10, 6 29 23 PM.jpg

The ferocious wind continued the rest of the day, and into Columbus Day on Monday. Fallen gutters and shingles, busted docks, and window screens were all around Pirate’s Cove, but some things stood strong, like the Crystal Dawn, and a United States flag on top of new home construction on Sailfish Drive.

Now, a couple days later, other things have returned to Pirate’s Cove, like boats, power, and paradise.

Photo Oct 11, 6 12 05 PM.jpg


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