Weekend Plans for January 28 and 29

This weekend I will be focusing most of my efforts on moving out of condo into new house that we took possession of on Monday. Along with the move out of condo, I will need to make trips to our storage unit to go through stuff that’s been in there for almost a year. Don’t want to bring moldy items into the new house!

I will also be waking up early, early in the morning tomorrow to watch the Australian Open men’s final. Let’s go Roger Federer!

One Day in Raleigh

As a Christmas/birthday present, my family gave me two tickets to the January 14th Carolina Hurricanes vs. New York Islanders game in Raleigh, North Carolina. In a way, I have been a Hurricanes fan for a very long time because I was a fan of the Hartford Whalers before they moved to North Carolina and became the Hurricanes back in 1997.

Before I show y’all pictures from the hockey game, I’d like to post some pics from breweries our friends from Raleigh took us to prior to the Canes game. We went to seven different breweries, folks!

Draft selection at Raleigh Brewing Company
First stop was the Raleigh Brewing Company
Raleigh Brewing Company flight
Our flight at the Raleigh Brewing Company
Trophy tap handles
Next up was Trophy and their awesome tap handles
Neuse River Brewing Company
Neuse River Brewing Company was my personal favorite
Mural outside Nickelpoint Brewing Company
The mural outside Nickelpoint Brewing Company was pretty cool
Big Boss Brewing Company
Cool building at Big Boss, but wasn’t impressed with the service
Lonerider Brewing Company
I’m a fan of Lonerider’s logo
PNC Arena
View of Canes ice at PNC Arena
Check out half of the spread in the suite
Stormy the Ice Hog
Stormy the Ice Hog got people on their feet
Star Wars Night at PNC Arena
It was Star Wars Night at PNC Arena











Twerking Stormtrooper
I got to see a twerking Stormtrooper
Canes vs. Hurricanes
Most importantly, the Hurricanes beat the NY Islander 7-4!

My North Carolina Beach Buggy Association Article

A couple months ago I was asked to submit an article for the North Carolina Beach Buggy Association’s (NCBBA) January 2017 e-newsletter. Below is what I submitted to them.

NPS Communications: Beach Access Ramp Table & Cape Chronicle Web Site
By Mike Barber

Greetings, NCBBA members. I moved to the Outer Banks from Philadelphia in January 2016, which I’ve heard makes me as transplant as it gets, but I have definitely learned a lot in my one year working at Cape Hatteras National Seashore. One obvious thing I learned, and very much appreciate, is how important the Seashore is to many, many people.

Over the past year, I spoke with outdoor enthusiasts from all across our great country who were simply looking for current beach access ramp status updates. Early on, I had to scratch my head because the table we posted to our Facebook page made no sense to me. An answer to a simple question became a constant read between the lines struggle to interpret the table correctly. Finally, I decided to use my fresh perspective, and common sense, to create a new beach access table that would make it easier to figure out where beachgoers could go, in either direction, at all of our oceanside beach access ramps. The new beach access table, available to both Facebook users and non-Facebook users at http://facebook.com/capehatterasns, continues to be refined as we receive valuable input on how best to manage communicating beach access status updates.

In November, another improved communication tool was created. The “Cape
Chronicle” blog, located on our website at https://www.nps.gov/caha/blogs/chronicle.htm, features employee-submitted articles on a variety of topics, including ORV management, resource management, and
interpretation on the Seashore. There are a lot of interesting things happening along
our beaches, and for a variety of reasons not all of them are able to get captured for a press release, so it is my hope that the “Cape Chronicle” blog helps us deliver the rest of our story throughout the year.

In closing, I just wanted to say that I am thrilled to be living on the Outer Banks, excited about the New Year, and look forward to meeting many of you in the future.

The full January 2017 NCBBA e-newsletter can be found here.