Big Sports Decision

Due to a lack of time, I have decided that it is only possible for me to only support one professional sports team at a time.

From this day forward, I will only be pledging my full attention to:

  • Carolina Hurricanes
  • Boston Red Sox
  • New England Patriots
  • Boston Celtics

You may have noticed that three out of the four teams are from New England, but I am in North Carolina. What’s up with that, right? Well, I grew up in the north, and my whole family, except for me, was born in Vermont, so I definitely got hooked on New England sports teams at a young age. Back then, the teams weren’t nearly as good as they have been in recent years.

What are your favorite  sports teams?

What a game!

Last night, I witnessed the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history. The New England Patriots were down 28-3 in the second half against the Atlanta Falcons and found a way to force overtime and win on opening drive of overtime. It was also the first ever overtime game in Super Bowl history.

To make the comeback even harder and amazing, in the fourth quarter, the Patriots had to convert on two separate two-point conversions to tie the game with 56 seconds left.

One Day in Raleigh

As a Christmas/birthday present, my family gave me two tickets to the January 14th Carolina Hurricanes vs. New York Islanders game in Raleigh, North Carolina. In a way, I have been a Hurricanes fan for a very long time because I was a fan of the Hartford Whalers before they moved to North Carolina and became the Hurricanes back in 1997.

Before I show y’all pictures from the hockey game, I’d like to post some pics from breweries our friends from Raleigh took us to prior to the Canes game. We went to seven different breweries, folks!

Draft selection at Raleigh Brewing Company
First stop was the Raleigh Brewing Company
Raleigh Brewing Company flight
Our flight at the Raleigh Brewing Company
Trophy tap handles
Next up was Trophy and their awesome tap handles
Neuse River Brewing Company
Neuse River Brewing Company was my personal favorite
Mural outside Nickelpoint Brewing Company
The mural outside Nickelpoint Brewing Company was pretty cool
Big Boss Brewing Company
Cool building at Big Boss, but wasn’t impressed with the service
Lonerider Brewing Company
I’m a fan of Lonerider’s logo
PNC Arena
View of Canes ice at PNC Arena
Check out half of the spread in the suite
Stormy the Ice Hog
Stormy the Ice Hog got people on their feet
Star Wars Night at PNC Arena
It was Star Wars Night at PNC Arena











Twerking Stormtrooper
I got to see a twerking Stormtrooper
Canes vs. Hurricanes
Most importantly, the Hurricanes beat the NY Islander 7-4!

Thanksgiving Day Games

When I was a lot younger, I was lucky enough to attend two Thanksgiving day games.

I’m not a Dallas Cowboys fan, but both games I saw in person were in Dallas. The first game, in 1986, featured the Cowboys and Seahawks. The Seahawks had a pretty good wide receiver you may have heard of…Steve Largent. In 1990, I attended my second Thanksgiving day game, which was played between the Cowboys and the Redskins, who happen to be playing again this Thursday.