Wright Brothers National Memorial Visitor Center Rehabilitation Update

This morning I was lucky enough to get a tour of the rehabilitation project underway at the Wright Brothers National Memorial Visitor Center in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina.

The Visitor Center rehabilitation project is expected to be completed by the end of 2017. Along with the project to rehabilitate the building, an exhibit upgrade project for inside the building has been initiated and will start shortly after the rehab concludes.

The Wright Brothers National Memorial Visitor Center, designated as a National Historic Landmark in 2001, should be fully operational and open to the public next summer.

In case you didn’t know, the park remains open seven days a week with lots to see outside. There is a temporary visitor available for those looking for a break from the weather and an opportunity to shop for gifts.

Bird Fight

On the morning of Sunday, May 22, 2017, I traveled on bicycle from the north end of Manteo to the small area of Roanoke Island called Skyco. While in Skyco, I saw a tree with a hawk’s nest on top (picture 1) and shortly after seeing it, a couple smaller birds swooped in and tried to attack the nest and hawk. The hawk never really got the upper hand, but it did a good job of luring the smaller birds away from its nest. It appears in picture 3 that a part of the hawk’s wing is missing.

Roger Federer’s Best Match?

Last night I saw Roger Federer play possibly the best match of his career. There have been many more meaningful matches in his career, especially against his Indian Wells Round of 16 opponent, Rafael Nadal, but the way Federer destroyed Nadal (6-2, 6-3) has to be graded up there with some of Fed’s best performances.

Much was said on Tennis Channel after the match about how Roger Federer switched over to a bigger racquet in 2014 and it is now paying dividends. Jim Courier gave almost all the credit for that decision to Paul Annacone who was Federer’s coach back then. I think the switch was definitely beneficial and it does take awhile for players to adjust to new racquets, especially in Roger’s case because he had used the smaller head sized racquet for so long.

The improved 2017 version of Federer, minus the loss to a much lesser-skilled player a couple weeks ago, has a lot to do with his backhand. Beautiful topspin backhand technique has been a staple of Roger’s game, but the one-handed backhand is a shot that relies on a lot of confidence, and Federer hasn’t always exhibited confidence on that wing during big points and matches. It’s quite possible that a mix of the bigger racquet, the couple of years of improved timing with the racquet, and current coach Ivan Ljubicic’s guidance, has put some energy and confidence into Federer’s step and swing. Of course there could be other factors that cannot be discounted, such as a feeling of nothing to lose and a renewed spirit for the game of tennis after being away from the tour a good chunk of 2016. Whatever is happening, it’s a pleasure to watch!

In the quarterfinal round of Indian Wells, Roger Federer will play Nick Kyrgios. The unpredictable Australian is fresh off back-to-back wins against another great player, Novak Djokovic. Make sure to tune in on Friday.

Big Sports Decision

Due to a lack of time, I have decided that it is only possible for me to only support one professional sports team at a time.

From this day forward, I will only be pledging my full attention to:

  • Carolina Hurricanes
  • Boston Red Sox
  • New England Patriots
  • Boston Celtics

You may have noticed that three out of the four teams are from New England, but I am in North Carolina. What’s up with that, right? Well, I grew up in the north, and my whole family, except for me, was born in Vermont, so I definitely got hooked on New England sports teams at a young age. Back then, the teams weren’t nearly as good as they have been in recent years.

What are your favorite  sports teams?